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Tight Clothes

Bras, Tight Pants and Shoes

  I think people, especially women, are being brainwashed to believe they should be wearing tight clothes!  Two times in one week I had sales people try to shoe-horn me into tiny clothes.  When I shop for clothes, I find that you cannot trust the size charts. You need a test drive! There is no …

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Detox From Smoke, Heavy Metals, and Mold

We have been hearing about toxic substances in our environment for decades. Chemicals used for pesticides and industrial manufacturing Additives and highly refined ingredients in our food Pollutants in the air from wild fires, feed lots, vehicle and manufacturing emissions There are toxins that are obvious, like the smoke from wildfires and molds that are …

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Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

In many ways, it seems obvious that yoga can help you lose weight. To many people, yoga just looks like a bunch of stretching.  However, the amazing thing is that yoga helps with a lot more than just losing weight!  When you practice yoga, you are balancing all the systems of your body.  Losing weight …

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How The BioAcoustic Mat Works

Years of scientific research has shown that specific low frequency sound pulsations and beautiful entraining music have powerful therapeutic effects on our health and well-being.  The practical applications of sound treatments have been present in cultures throughout history. Relaxing music helps reduce stress.  When you lay on the BioAcoustic Mat®, you not only hear the …

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How the Biomat Works

The Biomat is an interesting piece of equipment. It is made up of 17 layers of different materials. These materials produce, amplify and reflect negative ions, far infrared rays, and heat. One of the layers is made of crushed amethyst and tourmaline. If you peel back the sheets, you can see the pretty rock layer …

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Read My Lips

A facial expression has influence on everyone in the room Have you ever known someone that always has a pouty look on their face? How do you feel around that person? Chances are you feel at least a little uncomfortable around someone who appears grumpy all of the time. For women, in particular, this facial expression …

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The Lymphatic System

When white blood cells come into contact with viruses and bacteria, they form antibodies to fight the specific threat and cause an immune response in the whole body.  Anatomy of the Lymphatic System The main parts of the Lymph System are: Lymph   The lymph is fluid that is collected from the tissues and cavities between …

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