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How The BioAcoustic Mat Works

Years of scientific research has shown that specific low frequency sound pulsations and beautiful entraining music have powerful therapeutic effects on our health and well-being.  The practical applications of sound being used in treatments have been present in cultures throughout history.

Research has shown that relaxing music helps reduce stress.  When you lay on the BioAcoustic Mat®, you not only hear the music, you feel it in your body!

Sound Therapy and Your Brain

The high-fidelity upper speakers play music that is organized into four categories to help you to relax or renew your body , prepare you for sleep, or to relieve stress.  The BioAcoustic® mat has 12 scientifically produced musical tracks that coax your mind into different therapeutic states and stimulates specific brain waves. Here are the most common brain wave categories from most active to least active:

  • Beta Brain Waves – normal state for people when they are awake and engaged (not what the BioAcoustic Mat® is stimulating)
  • Alpha Brain Waves – help you relax
  • Theta Brain Waves – help you solve problems
  • Delta Brain Waves – for sleep

The carefully constructed tracks stimulate healthy neural activity in the brain by controlling the number of sounds the ear hears per second and by playing a slightly different pitch in each ear.  This results in our mind syncing with the rhythm and our body becoming more relaxed and energized.  From a physics stand point, less energy is required when one system falls in line with another.  The human brain is rhythmic in nature, but when under stress, the rhythms are all scattered and “noisy” like an orchestra where every musician is playing a different piece of music.  Your brain can be temporarily subject to entrainment.  Entrainment is basically like when you find you find your foot tapping along with the beat of a good song…you will be operating more efficiently, you brain will be making beautiful music!

Sound Therapy and Your Body

Vibroacoustic relaxation is not just for the brain.  It also provides deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles and joints.  The BioAcoustic Mat® employs a powerful low frequency sound generator that delivers a deep acoustic massage for joints and tissues.  Frequencies of 30-68 Hz massage large muscles, while higher frequencies of 52-88 Hz massage the small muscles. The music is composed and designed in a way that compliments the frequencies emitted by the speakers.  The vibrations stimulate the nerves in the spine, brain stem and limbic system; and activate the auditory nerves that connect to your muscle tissue.  The low frequency bass causes the muscle tissue to be at ease.

What to expect during your appointment

When you come in for your scheduled time on the BioAcoustic Mat®, you get to choose 15-60 minutes of relaxation for the same price. You stay dressed and lay on the mat. We will turn the music up and tuck you in for a good rest. You can use your time to meditate, contemplate or even just sleep. Think ahead and schedule your BioAcoustic Session before or after a yoga class, or Rossiter session to maximize your results. The Bioacoustic Mat® is also an optional add-on to any Energy Healing session, and is always included in your Yamuna Facial Sculpting appointment. You will leave feeling more peaceful, centered, and energized!

The BioAcoustic Mat® can be (and should be) used in conjunction with the Biomat®.  Together the benefits of the BioAcoustic Mat® and Biomat synergistically equal BioTrinity Care®. The therapeutic frequencies will calm the body, and the entrancing music will calm the mind, which allows you to receive the full effects of the far infrared rays and negative ions emitted from the Biomat®.

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