Frequently Asked Questions

Grace Yoga has taught yoga in the Loveland community for over nine years, and continues to teach yoga classes for beginners at many locations in Loveland.  Check the Class Schedule page often as there are always new classes and locations.

Yoga is a great low impact way to get back into shape.  Whether you have suffered an injury and are working to get back into the gym, or just get back to a place where you feel good; yoga can help.  Yoga is challenging, but possible for all body types and mentalities.  The poses in a typical yoga class help people get back range of motion in the joints, strengthen weak muscles, and stretch tight areas of the body.  A regular yoga practice will help you feel your best.

Iyengar Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga that focuses on body alignment.  To achieve the correct alignment, the instructor will encourage the student to use a variety of props, and then have the student hold the pose longer. Iyengar Yoga began with one man, B.K.S. Iyengar.  Mr. Iyengar lived and taught in India, while touring The United States and other countries beginning in the mid-sixties.   Mr. Iyengar died August 2014, but his lessons are being passed on by his children as well as many other teachers world wide.

Yoga props can include: blocks, belts, chairs, blankets, bolsters, ropes, benches, and other useful tools.  The props are used to give balance, stability, and confidence in the poses.  The props are not mandatory, and might not be used in every pose.  When a student is working through fear, weakness, or stiffness; the props are available.  The class instructor will advise each student in the appropriate use of props for their practice.

Yoga has proved time and time again to be a great tonic for many kinds of body pain.  Depending on the exact reason for your back pain; yoga can help by stretching tight muscles, or strengthening weak muscles.  In many cases it is a combination of both of these remedies that is needed to correct imbalances in the body.  Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is another great tool for decreasing back pain.  Like yoga, YBR strengthens and stretches, but an additional benefit of YBR is the stimulation of the bones of the spine.  With better bone health, your back will function better and have long-term health and mobility.  

Gentle Yoga is yoga that is easy on the joints, but still beneficial to the muscles.  In a gentle yoga class, you can expect to use more props, and hold the poses longer than normal.  A gentle yoga practice is especially good for people that experience problems resulting from stress such as: tension headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, and chronic pain. 

​There have been many studies that have shown various benefits of yoga. Yoga is a type of exercise that not only sees to the physical needs of the body, but will also address the psychological and emotional needs of a person. Yoga can help every day life by improving sleep, increasing range of motion, improving balance, increasing energy, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, increasing circulation, reducing injuries, and decreasing back pain and headaches.

Grace Yoga has a great option for low cost yoga.  The  money-saving option is to buy a punch-card.  When you buy 5 or 10 classes, you get a discount .  Also, the Saturday Community Yoga Class is only $5.

Typically, the classes that are offered by Grace Yoga are listed as drop-in classes,  you can pay as you go or use your punch card.  Occasionally there will be classes that are offered in conjunction with other entities (ie the Chilson Center in Loveland) that require a pre-registration.  These details are always explained in the Class Schedule.

Grace Yoga sells gift certificates and punch cards that can be used in any public class and that do not expire for three months.  The gift certificates are transferable, and can even be shared with another person in your household.  There are also punch cards that give a break in price for purchasing more than one class.