Wellness Partner Services

Massage Therapy

Integrated Massage

With a combination of different modalities, your session allows you to sink into a state of healing relaxation, bringing forward deep release and healing both physically and energetically.

75 minute session:  $90 (Subscription $81)
90 minute session: $117 (Subscription $99)
Floral Honey Massage: add on to any massage $33, stand alone $45

To schedule a massage, call Pat Miller at 908-281-9222

Aloha-Mahalo LomiLomi Massage Experience

Aloha is so much more than greeting. It is the connection to spirit through the breath. This session invokes deep connection and gratitude to all that is.

Begin with connection to your breath as traditional Hawaiian chants are sung and release that which is trapped within the body’s muscles, energy, emotions, and thoughts. Warm hot packs and infrared are used to prepare the body for the ManaLomi massage. Your massage experience will close with energy balancing, sound healing and hot towel treatments. Finally, you can refresh yourself with a Hibiscus Lime Spritzer.

120 minute session: $144

To schedule a massage, call Patt Miller at 908-281-9222

Chiropractic Care

New Wave Chiropractic Discover Your Potential

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique is a gentle and comfortable approach to providing specific chiropractic adjustments to each patient’s unique body. By using a hand-held instrument, the patient does not need to be turned or twisted into various positions for the adjustments.

  • Initial Consultation + Exam :$300
  • Chiropractic Exam: $60
  • DOT Physical: $95
  • Comprehensive Health and Nutrition Scan: $200
  • Ion Cleanse Foot Detox: $40
  • Rife Session: $80
  • Animal Health and Nutrition Wellness Scan: $25
  • Inner Voice: $10

To Schedule Chiropractic Care, Call Dr. Carissa at (303)772-7337 or click Here


Reflexology is thumb and finger pressure to the reflexes on the feet, hands and ears; that correlate with the organs within the body. The process of reflexology encourages the body to maintain homeostasis. Your session includes BioTirity care enhancements and hot towels and your choice of essential oils.

To schedule Reflexology, Call Kirsten Bishop at (808)462-2096

Skin Care

European Facials are relaxing and cleansing.

  • European Facial: $85
  • Microdermabrasion: $125

To Schedule, Call Linda Marriner (970)218-9529

    Other wellness services

    Rossiter System: a dynamic two-person stretching workout that will quickly and effectively release adhesions from the connective tissues in the body.

    Yamuna Body Rolling: a practice that combines healing, wellness, and injury prevention in a single, simple workout. Yamuna Body Rolling is a self-care technique that compliments your present workout routine.