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How the Biomat Works

The Biomat is an interesting piece of equipment that is made up of 17 layers of different materials. These materials produce, amplify and reflect negative ions, far infrared rays, and heat. One of the layers is made of crushed amethyst and tourmaline and if you peel back the sheets, you can see the pretty rock layer where all the magic happens. While the mat is only big enough to sit on top of a massage table, it weighs 50 lbs.

Why Negative Ions?

The health effects of negative ions are well known, and you have heard of them even if you think you haven’t. Remember when it was cool for people to have a fountain on their desk? Have you ever heard about the benefits of salt lamps? Moving water and salt lamps both produce negative ions. Some other ways you can be exposed to negative ions is to be close to the ocean or in a dense forest or jungle. It is not a coincidence that we feel healthier and more refreshed when we go on vacation. Is it the down time or the exposure to negative ions that boost your health?

Some ben

efits of negative ion exposure include:

• Wound healing is faster
• Blood alkalinity is increased
• Immunity is increased
• Negative effects from wearing synthetic fibers is reversed
• Headaches, insomnia and fatigue are all decreased
• Pain relief

Far Infrared Rays Cause Resonance

The byproduct of  Far Infrared Rays is heat, and your body loves heat! While your muscles relax in the heat, the Far Infrared Rays are stimulating various body functions. These light rays are not part of visible light, and you cant feel them either. As the rays are absorbed into your body, they cause your body to resonate with the vibrations. The Far Infrared Rays are able to penetrate deep into the body affecting muscles, blood, lymph glands and nerves, bringing everything into a profound resonance. This resonance means that all of your body systems are working together like well-trained musicians in a symphony.

Some benefits of Far Infrared Rays exposure include:
• Improves blood circulation
• Improves arthritis
• Speeds detoxification
• Cures hangovers
• Reduces fatigue
• Muscle pain is decreased
• Regulates blood pressure
• Enhances meditation

What to expect during your appointment

When you come in for your scheduled time on the Biomat, you get to choose 15-60 minutes of relaxation for the same price. You stay dressed and lay on the mat. We will turn the music up and tuck you in for a good rest. You can use your time to meditate, contemplate or even just sleep. Think ahead and schedule your Biomat Session before or after a yoga class, or Rossiter session to maximize your results. The Biomat is also an optional add-on to any Energy Healing session or Yamuna Facial Sculpting appointment. You will leave feeling more peaceful, centered, and energized!


To make an appointment to lay on the Biomat, please call Nicole at 970-646-2022


By the way, under the Boimat is a BioAcoustic Mat and that has benefits also, but we will talk about that in another Blog 😊

The Biomat + The BioAcoustic Mat = BioTrinity Care

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