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Cosmetic Surgery in Demand for 2020

People are having more on-line meetings and they are looking at their own face more, wishing they had less wrinkles and their skin looked younger.  I get it!  It was a shock for me to start teaching on-line yoga earlier this year.  I was surprised to see some of my mannerisms on the “Big Screen” as well as how tired I looked some days!   If you are like me, you started these zoom meetings way back in March, and they haven’t stopped. There is no getting around it; I was on line teaching yoga classes, taking yoga classes, networking with other business owners, chatting with grandma, and even having wine with friends all over Zoom. I don’t think I have ever seen more of my face than I have in 2020.

your face is distracting YOU

As you sit in your zoom meetings brainstorming and going over reports with your  coworkers,  you can’t help but notice your self.  How many times has your mind wondered about your facial expression or hairstyle?  Have you noticed your sitting posture and head position?  Have all these zoom meetings changed the way you apply your makeup or changed the way your trim your beard?  Men and women alike are looking into cosmetic surgery more than ever.  One association of Plastic Surgeons says that their doctors are seeing 70% more requests for plastic surgery consultations! Read the full article here, about the “ZOOM BOOM” the industry is having.

It turns out that people are wanting less wrinkles and more youthful skin.  I guess that is not surprising since this trend has been picking up speed for years.  Doctors can inject your own fat into your face to fill in wrinkles, and freeze your face with Botox to firm up sagging areas. There are peels and contouring and other stuff that I don’t really understand, in addition to the old “nip- and-tuck” procedures.

If you get the procedure will you be happy?

Lets say that you get the procedure and now you have less wrinkles and fuller lips and the jawline you always wanted…now what?  Will you be happier?  You are only getting older. I would argue that cosmetic procedures are addictive.  The older people want to look younger and the younger people want to keep looking young.  These procedures don’t always change the way you feel or the way you see yourself. I think it is a TRAP!

I have spent the last 15 years thinking about how to be more in control of my health and wellbeing

It is more of a lifestyle now than it used to be.  For me, taking charge of my health started with just eating smaller portions and a little bit healthier (just by doing that, I lost 20 pounds).
Here is a short timeline of my health journey up to now:
  • 2002 – I get my first house rabbit (rabbits eat greens, so I have greens in the fridge and now I start eating more vegetables)
  • 2004 – Ryan and I have been together for about 2 years I feel comfortable and gain about 20 extra pounds
  • 2004.5 – Ryan helps me to learn that I am lactose intolerant and I can’t eat ice cream every day, I start eating smaller portions and no more ice cream and loose 20 extra pounds
  • 2005 Graduate college, get married, become pregnant (realize I really need to eat good foods, stop eating out as much, eat with my rabbit more often), learn about how my body can heal it’s self(more about that in another blog)
  • 2006 have baby, begin to worry about what breast milk is made from, eat even better
  • 2007 make all baby food from real food, start shopping from the “perimeter” of the grocery store, start doing yoga (must learn to relax!), never go out to eat
  • 2011 go to yoga teacher training (mind blown!)
  • 2012 start yoga studio, eating our more often (this is a back slide)
  • 2013 learn about health benefits of foam rolling and Rossiter
  • 2014 start homeschooling, still eating healthier and healthier, more yoga teacher training
  • 2015 take Your Health Matters Nutrition 8-week class with Nancy (link below)
  • 2016 stop eating meat at restaurants or from the grocery store, look out for MSG
  • 2017 stop using harsh chemicals for cleaning and body care

Every year since 2002, I have been on a health journey.  Today I know more than I did back then, and I understand that there is still more to learn.

What I know now about health and beauty

There are natural ways to look and feel younger!

  • Eating an acidic diet will make you look older. Eating a balanced diet that is not high in acidic foods will make you look and feel younger. May I suggest you contact Nancy for more info on nutrition!
  • Decreasing stress will make you look and feel younger. May I suggest yoga and Biomat
  • Moving your body will make you look and feel younger. May I suggest yoga, foam rolling, Yamuna and Rossiter

If it is just your face you are concerned with

Yamuna Face Sculpting is super effective and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.  You can learn more about Face Sculpting by reading this blog. With Yamuna Face Sculpting, you are taking control of your health.  You will not be left with scars or side effects, but the best part is you will be working with your body.  You will be happier and more graceful as you age and, I believe, you will be more beautiful because of it!

Yamuna Face Sculpting is something you can do on your own at home before the “Big Meeting”, or you can join us for a workshop in the studio on ZOOM (it is an irony, don’t you think?).  If you are looking to be spoiled, you can come in for a private Face Sculpting Session where you get to lay on the Biomat and relax while I massage your face for you.  You are worth it 🙂

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