You can ROLL your Face

If you haven’t tried Yamuna Body Rolling, you should take a class this week! Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a rolling technique where you use various-sized balls to stimulate the bones and release the muscles and tendons.  The balls we use for YBR are soft, so they are able to penetrate through soft tissue direstly to the bone.  YBR is a slow, logical way to roll; unlike foam rolling which is faster and does not consider the bone at all.

Yamuna Face Sculpting is a Beautiful Facial

Yamuna Face Sculpting lifts sagging skin and muscle;  relieves eye, sinus, and jaw tension; and can even smooth wrinkles and lines around the neck. Using the softest Yamuna Balls, you can stimulate the bones and soft tissues of the head and face without drugs or chemicals. This is truly an all-natural fascial treatment!


  • Your face is unique! It is one of the few places where muscles connect the bone to the skin or other muscles or fascia, so you can make facial expressions.  In other areas of your body muscles attatch from bone to another bone.  When facial muscles are sagging, the muscles are not performing their full function.  YBR work will tone these sagging muscles!
  • Eye and Jaw tension are a daily reality for millions of Americans. For many that look at computers or other small screens throughout the day, the eyes are squeezed in and the whole face begins to narrow in towards the nose. This narrowing in causes pressure on the sinuses and eyes.  Using the smallest Yamuna ball, we can spread the sinuses and relieve eye tension.
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular disorder) is a painful disorder that affects facial nerves, jaw muscles and even the neck and head.  Yamuna Face sculpting removes this tension in the face, relaxing the jaw, and even relieves tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are a major concern these days, and more money is spent each year on anti-ageing creams and treatments than ever before.  Yamuna Face Sculpting smooths out fine lines and erases wrinkles from stress, tension, and over-used expressions.  The stimulation to the bones of the face increases circulation to the bones and soft tissue, hydrating your face from inside, out.  You will look and feel younger, and you won’t have a bathroom cabinet of over-priced creams!


Yamuna Face Sculpting Workshops and Private Sessions

Face Sculpting is a beautiful, low-cost self-care technique that you can do for your self at home, there are workshops where you will learn your way around your face and even into your mouth causing a deep relief that spreads to your whole body. You can tailor your routine to: *relieve eye tension*take away jaw tension*help with headaches*smoothe wrinkles*erase neck pain*and more.

If having this work done to you sounds better, private sessions are available! Treat yourself, call or text to make an appointment 970-646-2022


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  1. Hi Nicole. Are you doing a zoom class on this. Or a class you can zoom ?
    Ps. Hope you are doing well

    1. I will set up some more zoom classes on Yamuna Body Rolling. I will contact you directly to give you the details 🙂

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