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Why do we use props

You have seen them in the studio, you have seen them at gyms, you might have even seen them in stores like Best Buy and Sprouts; but why do people use yoga props? Some examples of yoga props include (but are not limited to): mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, chairs, planks, poles, and even the …

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The benefits of Yoga

Yoga is good for your body and mind, but what does that really mean? For each of us it can be translated into something unique. It seems like we are all different and complicated. In reality, all derive the same benefits from yoga: stability vitality clarity wisdom bliss Some of these benefits are obvious. For …

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What is fascia?

The Rossiter System helps to stretch fascia, but what is fascia? The fascia has been little understood until recently. In 2007 the first International Fascia Research Conference was held at Harvard, and since then doctors, physical trainers, and even your yoga teacher have been learning more about fascia. Fascia is connective tissue that is made …

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