Detox From Smoke, Heavy Metals, and Mold

We have been hearing about toxic substances in our environment for decades.

  • Chemicals used for pesticides and industrial manufacturing
  • Additives and highly refined ingredients in our food
  • Pollutants in the air from wild fires, feed lots, vehicle and manufacturing emissions

There are toxins that are obvious, like the smoke from wildfires and molds that are growing on the walls.  And then there are invisible toxins. When Silent Spring by Rachel Carsen was published in 1962 many people had their eyes peeled open to the cumulative effects of the products we use.  Now that we know about these chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins we can do something about it.

We know that chemicals that we use to clean our house and maintain our landscapes are harmful.  Our food and water are under suspicion. We question the materials used to build our homes and schools. But, do we really understand what these toxins do to our bodies?

Toxins Are Stored In Your Body

Your body will use all of its tools to process and eliminate the toxins. Exposure to heavy metals, molds, fungus, and other natural waste substances like urea and lactic acid have to be eliminated. Your body takes a  predictable process to rid itself of a toxin load.

  1. First, your body will use the normal elimination tools to get rid of toxins. Symptoms like diarrhea, a persistent cough, a skin rash, and nasal discharge/congestion might happen. Even chronic recurrent ear discharge/infections might occur as your body works to get rid of toxins.
  2. Next, your body will store any excess toxins in fatty tissues. Toxins in your fat tissues lead to harmless conditions like cysts, lipomas, and other benign tumors.
  3. After that, if accumulating toxins persist, the next area to store toxins is the connective tissue (ligaments, bones, blood, etc.), muscle tissue, and nerve tissue. Toxins in the connective tissue lead to generalized joint pain and/or aches and pains in the bones.
  4. Continuous exposure will result in toxins being stored in other cells. When enough cells in any one organ are affected, “disease” of that organ occurs.

Detox In The Infrared Sauna

One tool that will facilitate detox is the medical grade infrared sauna. The infrared sauna heats the core of the body using the non-visible part of the light spectrum.  The far infrared light penetrates several inches into your body. This causes the cells to vibrate and heat up. Your core temperature can be increased by 3 degrees! Toxins stored deep in the tissues and organs  are liberated and move into the blood and fat layer just below the skin.  Once the toxins are liberated, they can be eliminated by urination or perspiration.

Many of our clients notice that time spent in the sauna improves the above symptoms (see 1-4) of toxin accumulation. Their skin is clearing up and they have less aches and pains. Plus, they are more energetic, their digestion seems easier, and they are sleeping better.

Other Tips To Help With Detoxing


    • Limit chemical exposure. First, identify what you are being exposed to. Then, reduce/eliminate that chemical exposure. For example, in our house, we are using natural beauty and cleaning products.

Stress Management:

    • Reduce stress. Stress produces toxins and increases acidity in your body.  Increased acidity slows down many of your body’s functions and increases inflammation. One way to reduce stress is Yoga 😉
    • Take good quality breaths. Your body is kind of like a giant factory. You are taking raw materials in, making something (energy) and you have waste materials you must get rid of.  A waste material that must be eliminated is CO2 , and the way you get rid of it is by exhaling. Spoiler alert, taking good quality breaths is also good for reducing stress!


    • Make good food choices. You know you need to be eating whole foods. Eliminate highly processed, prepackaged food.  When you cook/prepare your own food, you are already making better food choices.
    • Chew your food. This seems funny, but chewing is the first part of digestion.  When your stomach receives the food in small pieces (mixed with saliva), the food particles are small enough to digest. The stomach acid can do its job of breaking down toxins, harmful fungus and bacteria.  Chewing your food slowly also reduces stress!
    • Drink plenty of good quality water. There are chemicals in water too!  Do your research. Filtering your water is a good idea. We have a water service that delivers mineral water to our home and to the studio. Drinking enough water is naturally detoxing and improves digestion and elimination.


    • Get enough sleep. Healing and repair happens while you sleep.  If you do not get enough good-quality sleep, healing and repair are not happening effectively.
    • Exercise and move your body. This one is a big one!  When you exercise,  you strengthen your heart . Consequently, this improves circulation which helps you detox.  There are a bunch of other benefits of exercise…including better sleep.
      • To set up a Detox session in the Infrared Sauna, please call 970-646-2022

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