Pam G.

The people in the yoga classes are a lot of fun. We joke and laugh and enjoy the time in the class which to me is also beneficial. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to go into poses but as you continue going it gets easier and it feels better. I am rarely sore like a gym…

Kristin K.

Great small studio lots of individual help and encouragement.  Helps my stress level, loosing weight, and working on my balance.  A must try if you live in Loveland.

Tory B.

Grace Yoga is my first experience with yoga and now I’m hooked!  Nicole has a great since of humor and never makes me feel inexperienced.

Pam G.

I reluctantly started going to yoga after my daughter told me it would help with stress relief and pain management. When my daughter moved out of state I continued to go to yoga and my husband started going with me. My husband and I have found that when we miss yoga we are stiff and…

Sharon S.

For over a year I have had limited range of motion and pain with movement of my arm. I was unable to sleep on my left side due to my painful shoulder. I decided to try Rossiter and I now have increased range of motion with less pain. I can reach behind my back to…

Mike P.

I got up and walked around and for the 1st time in 3 years I wasn’t in pain.  THIS IS THE LIFE ALTERING PART!  Since then I no longer take nasty pain medicine and I am planing on going skiing again with friends and long walks with my wife.  Thanks Nicole.”

Molly W.

Ryan was able to use Rossiter to relieve pain in my shoulders that inhibits my movement. Very impressed with the down to earth approach and the quality!

Angela M.

Nicole does a great job no matter what your experience level is.  She guides you through poses and is very knowledgeable on how to make adjustments to your needs or limitations.  She does an amazing job with Dossier too, I can’t recommend it or her enough.