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The Meditation card was created to help those that are just learning to quiet their minds. I know at first it is hard to quiet the mind. The affirmations on the back of these cards are there to help give you something positive to think about instead of a quiet mind at first.

The front of the card is all channeled artwork from the Akashic Records in which I work to help people release the need of negative emotions.


Meet Michelle Adams, Life Coach and owner of Spiritual U. Born a highly sensitive empath, she receives visuals through her guides, feels other people’s pain or emotions within her body physically and can access the Akashic Records – crucial to her work in helping clients at Spiritual U clear up negative frequencies in their vibration. The Akashic Records is “like your huge library of your life that holds every book from every lifetime and what you’ve done since your soul first entered Earth,” Michelle says.

Michelle mostly works with clients in cleaning up their past lives as well as residual negative energy from family lineage.  How can you tell if your past lives are affecting you today to reach your highest potential or move forward? “When you see blocks within yourselves that your parents don’t have, those are blocks you brought forward with your past lives,” Michelle says. “Otherwise blocks are often created by parents and what their parents taught them.” Imagine cutting the energetic cords to layers of negative residual energy from your family, ancestors, subconscious beliefs and dozens, if not hundreds of past lives! Imagine yourself becoming whole again – and all of those energetic fragments that you have lost is restored.

No, you can’t immediately see it, but yes, you can feel it. And within about 4-5 weeks you start to see the physical manifestations appear in your life.
If you’re feeling confused, stuck, frustrated, or hopeless about your career, health, relationships or wealth, then Michelle’s Soul Restructuring Program is
the shift you need!


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